Gas Detector

From single-point applications to integrated facility systems, our fixed monitoring equipment provides maximum protection from toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen hazards-with excellent cost of ownership advantages. We use the most advanced technology available to meet the demand for low-maintenance versatility and user-friendliness combustibles (0-100% LEL or 0-5.0% Methane)Low and High Alarm for all gases;TWA (time weighted average) and STEL (short term exposure limit) for H2S, CO; OL (over limit alarm).

Gas Sensor and its Measuring Range

Sensor Specification:

Gas Measuring Range Low Alarm Level 1 High Alarm Level 1
H2S 0-100 ppm 10 ppm 15 ppm
CO 0-300 ppm 35 ppm (30 ppm UK/EU) 200 ppm
SO2 0-100 ppm 5 ppm 10 ppm
O2 0-30% by vol. 19.5% 23.5%